Something Personal

To the Anaesthetist

“General anaesthesia is a state of controlled unconsciousness during which you feel nothing. Some operations can only be done with a general anaesthetic. Anaesthetic drugs are injected into a vein, or anaesthetic gases are breathed into the lungs. They stop the brain recognising messages coming from the nerves in the body. As the anaesthetic drugs wear off, consciousness will return.”

In exactly two weeks from now I will be getting ready for my visit to the local abattoir for tender ministrations….


Dear Mr / Ms Anaesthetist,

I hope you are in the best of health and that you did not have any recreational pharmaceuticals nor too much to drink last night. Me, I am a bit hungry.

Before we get into this I thought that I should warn you about a few things. I have been practicing meditation, in one form or another, for about thirty years.  I have quite literally stared into the silence and, into the void. I have opened my crown chakra and stretched my Sutratma and Antahkarana to the very limit it is possible to do and yet still maintain physical plane life.

If I told you what I experienced because of this, you would not believe me, nor could you.

I do not know what is going to happen when you give me anaesthetics. I know that anaesthesia is an inexact science. Given the amount of alcohol I can consume and still maintain consciousness,  I suspect that you may have to administer quite high doses.

When I meditate and dream I am aware of my surroundings, in that I can maintain a deep state and yet hear, smell and sometimes observe my surroundings. Sometimes my consciousness expands way beyond the room in which I am sitting / sleeping.  I can, even when in extremis,  continue to chant in Deep Voice. If I am feeling mischievous I may do this “on the table”, so to speak.

It would be great fun to see all of your faces!!

I will try to behave myself.

It is possible that I do not “wake up” as you might measure it. Do not turn off the switches immediately!! If you plug me into an Electroencephalograph (EEG) please do not be alarmed at what you might see. I know from my own experiments that my EEG is very different from normal. In meditative states there is very little / no electrical activity. This does not mean that I am dead. I may take a while to “come back” because I will be a lot further away than most people. If I am not back after a couple of days, well there is a bit of an electricity shortage, so act accordingly.

So please keep an open mind as we start this little experiment. There are things in this universe of which you are unaware. There are beings who are not documented in your medical textbooks.

With my best wishes,

Dr Guinea Pig.


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