Thought for the Day

Fingers Crossed

People cross their fingers for a number of different reasons and the habit is passed down from generation to generation. I don’t know how well this transfers culturally across the world. You can cross your fingers in front of your body or behind your back. I guess these have different meanings to the person engaged in the activity.

If you have no fixation on outcome then wishing for luck is not necessary. If you are very well prepared for some test, challenge or other situation, it seems an unnecessary add on.

As a thought for today;

“Why do I cross my fingers? Is it because I hope to get away with something because I have tried to take a short cut? Is it simply a socially conditioned habit? What are my motivations for crossing my fingers?”


Do Cosmic Events Effect Our Lives?

Some people, those in favour of prophets and prophecy, those interested in Astrology, would say that they do.

At the moment we are experiencing a rare local {in cosmic terms} event, known colloquially as a blood moon.



This image comes from NASA.

The sensible “normal” person would perhaps reject this out of hand, yet there is a nuance about prophetic insight which stirs something deep within us; even for those who claim to be logical and rational.


The prophet is not diverted by illusions of past, present and future. The fixity of language determines such linear distinctions. Prophets hold a key to the lock in language. The mechanical image remains only an image to them. This is not a mechanical universe. The linear progression of events is imposed by the observer. Cause and effect? That’s not it at all. The prophet utters fateful words. You glimpse a thing “destined to occur”. But the prophetic instant releases something of infinite portent and power. The universe undergoes a ghostly shift. The wise prophet conceals actuality behind shimmering labels. The uninitiated then believe the prophetic language is ambiguous. The listener distrusts the prophetic messenger. Instinct tells you how the utterance blunts the power of such words. The best prophets lead you up to the curtain and let you peer through it yourself.

- The Stolen Journals [1]

Frank Herbert, “God Emperor of Dune”, Gollancz, Orion Publishing, London. Page 297. ISBN 0 575 07506 6

I used this quotation as a Frontispiece to my unpublished book; “Vis Viva – A Journey to Sirius.” It has always struck me as a remarkably concise verbalization, one that only a seer like Herbert could put together.



Do cosmic events effect our lives, what do you reckon?