Something Personal

Where You Sit In Life

People, concerned about status, have lots of ideas about where they sit in life. It seems that if you don’t sit where they think you fit, it can cause all sorts of problems. They have often in their minds, sculpted out a role for you in le grand drame. They have carved out a place where you ought to fit.

I find this problem all the time. There are all sorts of preconceived ideas about what I ought to do, how I ought to behave and who I ought to listen to and obey. The moment I show my CV to someone, all sorts of blah presents in their minds.

It simply does not compute. That is unless they can see me as a burn out and a failure. This one seems to wash.

I have just spent the last few hours in the lab and I am pleased to say that I have invented a cure for this. After much thought and alchemy I have developed a treatment. I have even just dashed off a preliminary patent application to the patent office.

If you coat this chemical on silicon dioxide glass it has a truly wonderful effect. It is a surface activated process. I have even thought of a trademark and a name;


Buy new OUGHT

The cut glass suppository of the future!

Instant relief from preconceived ideas guaranteed!!

Thought for the Day

The Lion or the Lamb?

With which do you empathize most, the lion or the lamb?

In our times people live in the cut and thrust of society and competition, words associated with sword play. Heroes are often cast as lionheart and other such epithets. If you think about it, does a lion actually need to be brave? In the context of the savanna the lion is king, he has no enemy, he preys upon others for his sustenance. He enforces his territory by the snarl and the claw.

The lamb on the other hand, needs courage way much more. He tends not to force himself upon the world.

Who would you follow; the lion or the lamb?

Around the world and in history, people use the sword to spread their opinion, their religion, their golden path to heaven. By Divine right they spread their gospel, whatever it may be. Looking down at this, it seems that God cannot make up his mind as to which of the many golden paths to heaven are correct.

As a thought for today;

“Can liberation ever be brought about by the sword, by force?”